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Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

It is the policy of ISTHMUS ENGINEERING to carry out their activities in such a manner that in addition to complying with relevant legislation’s.

Foremost attention is given to the health and safety of their employees and all other persons affected directly or indirectly by their activities.

Adequate regards is given to minimize any possible undesirable effect of their activities on the environment.

Every employee of ISTHMUS ENGINEERING has the responsibility to follow safe work practices and to have a genuine concern for the health and safety of all persons involved.

We operate a sound HSE policy in all our sites as we put safety first in all site operations. This is by using the right tools for the right job and maintaining a very good first aid service in all our sites in addition to having retainer-ship with good hospitals to take care of our increasing workforce.

Safety apparatus like hard hats, filter masks, safety goggles, welding goggles, safety boots, scaffoldings, overall jackets, hand gloves etc are adequately provided for our workers on site. This is contained in our attached HSE policy manual.

Competent technicians specially trained for this purpose handle all equipment. This is to protect the workers and also not to endanger the lives of passer-by, as wrong usage can result in loss of lives and properties. If necessary, working area is cordoned off.