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We provide of a full contract lifting service from destination to destination and haulage services with trucks and low loaders.

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Truck Precautions and Safety

  • It’s A Different Vehicle, Get Familiar: Driving a Isthmus Engineering Limited truck is vastly different from driving your regular car, so familiarize yourself with the truck first before turning on the ignition. Adjust the side mirrors to get as much rear visibility as possible. Get accustomed to the brakes, gear shift, and turn signals. You don’t want to be scrambling for controls and buttons while you’re on the road.
  • Parking and Backing, Ask For Help: Parallel parking a car is probably a piece of cake for you but parking a pantech truck is not as simple. Every vehicle has a blind spot, with trucks having bigger ones, so don’t rely on mirrors alone. Get help when backing, and/or walk around behind the truck to make sure there are people or obstructions that could get bumped. You’ll want about a meter of room behind the truck for the ramp to load and unload your cargo. Do not leave the ramp extended when the truck is in motion. Turn the wheels toward the curb when facing downhill and away from the curb when facing uphill when you park. This adds resistance to prevent sliding. Be sure to set the shift selector into park, secure the parking brake, and wedge the wheels with blocks or large rocks.
  • Loading Safety: Keep the cargo weight evenly distributed in the truck by loading the heaviest items first in the front and on the floor then load the lighter loads afterwards. A moving dolly will help you with heavy items like refrigerators, laundry machines, bookcases, and even piles of boxes. Use ropes or ties to secure loose items and use bubble wrap or padded blankets to keep your fragile breakables from getting broken. Pack small items in box containers to store and haul them easier. Be sure to lock the cargo door and that the loading ramp is properly latched before driving off.

Road Safety, It’s Still a Different Car

  • Not So Fast: It’s understandable you’ll want to get into your new home as quickly as possible, but speeding in a moving truck isn’t just against the law, it’s downright dangerous. Your best bet is to drive at the minimum speed limit in highways or well below the maximum limits in the CBDs. These are especially true when driving in rain, snow, and strong winds. While our trucks are well-maintained, extreme weather conditions can mock any well oiled machine.
  • Give Everyone a Wide Berth: Moving trucks do not handle like everyday cars. Your rented truck will need wide turns regardless of your speed. Use your turn signals, check your side mirrors, and make sure there’s no vehicle driving through on the side when you make your turn.
  • Not So Close: You should avoid tailgating when driving your own car. This is even more true with moving trucks. Trucks, especially ones carrying a full load, will take a longer time to slow down so give yourself and the vehicle in front of you about three car length distance when driving.
  • Watch Your Head: Even if you own a large SUV, you’ve ignored head clearance signs when driving. Most vehicles don’t come close when driving under bridges, into tunnels or parking garages. Our trucks are approximately 3.5 meters high. Keep an eye out for low clearance restrictions. You don’t want to bump your head.

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